Why I would like to work with you

I love to create, I love tech, and I love how the combination allow boundaries to be pushed. Having worked worldwide, my vision is global and I'd like to bring that experience and sensibility to your company. I can be a great team builder and collaborator, yet I'm a self starter and an independent thinker within your organization. I'm get excited creating great things and working with motivated people. I have a strong design sense which I can impart on and help build your brand. I have a practical approach that you will find refreshing. I'm calm under pressure and have a sense of humor, too! I listen carefully but speak up when necessary. I want you to challenge me as I, in turn, will challenge you. I'm not looking for just another job and trust me, you are not looking for just another co-worker.

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The project I'm really proud of

Following the design and production of two successful 2-day conferences in Las Vegas, the management of Strategic Equity (a Seattle-based financial publisher) decided to try something different.
I was given, essentially, a rough “napkin sketch" outline and simple spreadsheet and asked if I could build, brand and execute a 2-day major conference at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Branding comps were needed in 24 hours and the website needed to go live in 1 week.
Being an active member of the Academy and having been fortunate to attend an Academy Awards ceremony in 2003 - I was able to bring the essence of the venue and the excitement to the look and feel of the event.
I worked closely with a small team of programmers to build a site that conveyed the overall "Hollywood" branding and then met with producers to secure talent to produce an event that would be both memorable and meaningful to its core audience.
The event was attended by over 1000 top producers and featured keynotes from Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Jay Leno.

Samples can be seen in my
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A tough problem I had to solve

My graphic design career has posed many tough problems that need to be solved - usually within tight time constraints.
One of the toughest that comes to mind is when I was working for LA Times | CareerPath. I was tasked to work with Editors to condense and turn a number of print manuals for Job Seekers into a concise and compelling online experience. In addition these needed to be combined with an online "Job Fair" that was scheduled to go live in less than one month. Very few of the team members had skills in being able to translate the printed word in the online world (this was Web 1.0 era!)
In some respects, I was able to both collaborate and mentor the Editors and help them work along with myself and another designer/programmer to produce a series that was awarded an LA Times Press Award.
Most importantly, it taught me how to build a team and take materials for one media and translate then in a compelling way, into another.
I love the day-to-day problem solving that is the life of the designer. It keeps me sharp and, of course, makes things interesting.

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